Tupler Technique® Stories Wanted……

The Tupler Technique® Program is a long term commitment. That is, you need to do it 24/7.   It is not just about doing the exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles and wearing the splint all the time. It is also about developing a brand new awareness of how you use your strong abdominal muscles while doing your activities of daily living in order to protect your connective tissue from getting stretched.  Closing a diastasis is all about healing your connective tissue. A severe diastasis may take over a year to close.  Finding the time to do the exercises can be challenging. The contracting exercises progress from 5 sets of 100 in Week one to 20 sets of 100 in Week 18.

With the new year coming soon, I am wanting to find ways to motivate you to continue doing the program until your diastasis is closed and then going forward how to maintain the results you have achieved……….making sure you are diastasis safe™ with everything you do until you are just too old to do them!  Trust me, having done them for over 20 years it does become more second nature to do them. I know I plan to do them for as long as I can!

Through the years clients have told me the various places they have done the contracting exercises and the creative ways they have incorporated the Tupler Technique® into their daily routine while  going to and from work,  in their office, while doing housework, laundry and caring for their kids.  Oh, how I wish I had written all those stories down!

I am now asking you to share your stories so I can use them on this blog to motivate others doing this program that need some fresh ideas.  Please feel free to share your ideas for doing any or all of the 4 steps of the program, your results in words or images as well other things that helped and supported you in doing the program.

Please send me your Tupler Technique® helpful hints on:

1. Doing the seated transverse exercises (where and when)
2. Tricks you have to taught yourself to get up and down correctly from all positions
3. Picking up your child correctly
4. Getting in and out of the car
5. Getting in and out of the tub
6. Doing laundry
7. Going to the bathroom
8. Etc, Etc, Etc………………..

Every month my staff and myself will choose the BEST story. This person will win a 30 minute skype session with me! So send your stories to info@diastasisrehab.com

We will announce the first BEST story as well as other stories January 25th.

Have a great holiday.  Remember to be kind to your connective tissue and use your transverse with everything you do!

Julie Tupler, RN








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