Tupler Tips for Partner Pleasure that are “diastasis safe.”

Sex and the Separation. You must have Diastasis Safe Sex.

– Yes, even when you are having sex, you must be protect your connective tissue from getting stretched. So in order for it to be “diastasis safe” you need to be able to hold your transverse in at 5th floor and you must be a position that does not put force on your connective tissue. The seated position is the best position to be in while having sex to protect your connective tissue because it is the “easiest” position to hold in your transverse. The hands and knees position puts pressure on the connective tissue. In the back lying position, it is too difficult to hold in your transverse muscle.

Can I cuddle with my partner?

– Yes, cuddling is recommended….always. A side lying position is diastasis safe. Your back side is supporting your partners belly and hopefully their hand is on your belly giving support. Whether you are sleeping in a back lying or side lying position, make sure your knees are bent. Straight legs arches your lower back. Arching your back flares your ribs and stretches. That is why sleeping on your belly is not such a good ideal. If you must sleep on your belly make sure you have pillows under the bottom part of your legs to keep your legs bent.

To learn more, watch this video on the Logistics on he Tupler Technique® program:

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