The Healing Process: Why Stopping Exercise for Diastasis Recti Recovery is Crucial

The Healing Process: Why Stopping Exercise for Diastasis Recti Recovery is Crucial

As hard as this may be to do, stopping your exercise program and sporting activities for six weeks is crucial in helping the the healing process happen faster. If you broke an arm or a leg you would have no choice but to do stop all your activities!  Think about closing your diastasis recti  in the same way. You must allow the connective tissue to  heal to close your diastasis.

Allowing the connective tissue to heal means:

1.Putting the connective tissue in the right position to heal by continuously wearing the Diastasis Rehab Splint®.  The connective tissue is stretched out and weak with a diastasis. The splint brings the muscles together AND takes the stretch off the connective tissue thus  putting it in a better “position” the heal.

2. Strengthening  the transverse muscle with the Tupler Technique®exercises. Doing the exercises three times a day brings blood flow to the connective tissue  helping it  heal. Also it takes six weeks to strengthen the transverse muscle so it can then be strong enough so you can use it during your whole exercise routine thus preventing intra-abdominal force on the weak connective tissue.

3. Preventing “stretching of”  and “pressure on” weak connective tissue.  Rib flaring, may occur during many  types exercise and sporting activities.  Rib flaring stretches the connective tissue and does not allow it to heal.   Pressure on the connective tissue also does not allow it to heal. An example of pressure on connective tissue is exercising in a hands and knees position or wearing a front loading baby carrier.

In week six of the program once you have strengthened your transverse muscle and know how to use it,  you will learn how to incorporate the Tupler Technique into an exercise routine to maintain all that you have accomplished with the program.

So you are probably wondering what you are allowed to do. Walking at a brisk pace is fine either outside or on a treadmill. Make sure you are belly breathing when you are walking.

Before you start the program please take photos of your belly from the front and the side. This will motivate you to continue the program when you see the changes occurring within just three weeks.

To learn more about Diastasis Recti & the Tupler Technique® read this article: DIASTASIS RECTI RESEARCH AND EVIDENCED BASED EXERCISE PROGRAM

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Watch the short video below to know what a diastasis is.

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