Will a C-Section Scar Effect the Closing of My Diastasis Recti?

Yes it will! It will make it harder to close the diastasis completely on the bottom. You will still get some closure there.  When you mobilize the scar you will get more closure. The scar will not effect the ability of the top and middle abdominal muscles to close. You do not have to wait until you mobilize your scar before you start the Tupler Technique® Program.

When you get any type of surgical incision, there is a scar. A scar causes an adhesion. What this means is that one layer of  tissue is “stuck” to the underlying layer. The tissues are meant to move freely over each other. So when they are stuck together,  it is going to be much harder to close your diastasis on the bottom.  So after your scar is healed you must do what is called scar mobilization. That means separating the two layers that are stuck together.

If you are uncomfortable about doing this yourself, you can always go to a physical therapist for this. They can do this manually for you or you can have them do lazar therapy on it. My licensee, Jill Hoefs , who is a physical therapist in NYC, does this therapy on all my  clients that have had a c-section. If you have questions about this please go to her website at www.BodyAlignPT.com