How do I determine if I am getting the right size?

By measuring both your back and the circumference of your body over your belly button. Your back size is most important because that will determine if the pad will be the right size. Measure at the level under your breast from one side seam and then across your

back to the other sideseam. The pad should rest on each side of your body. If it rests on the front of your belly it is too big. If it is just on your back it is too small and it will be difficult for you to attach it. If you see that your back size is a small or a medium and your circumference is a large then you will need to make the arms of the splint longer. That is why we have created the extenders to attach to the arms of that size splint so it will fit you until your belly gets smaller from doing the program. The extenders will give you 8-12 more inches on the length of the arms. If you need less than this you can make a hem in the elastic of the extenders. The extenders are also good for pregnant women so the splint can grow with their expanding belly. We now also have short torso splints for short torso individuals and children. You measure from the bottom of your sternum to your belly button. If this measurement is 5" or less you may want this model splint.

When should I measure the circumference of my body over my belly?

Measure the circumference of your body around the belly button in the evening when your belly is the largest. Your abdominal muscles should be relaxed when you measure.

What if my back size is a large and my belly size is a small?

You will have to get the larger size splint and hem the elastic arms of the splint. It is important that the pad of the splint be the right size.

What if my back size is a small and my belly size is a large?

You will need to buy the small splint with the extenders. The extenders will give you anywhere from 8 to 12 inches more on the arms. If you need less than 8 inches you can put a hem in the extenders.