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During the entire Training Program you have unlimited support from Julie Tupler, RN!

Requirements for Training: Medical or Fitness Professional

Registration: You must complete an application ( and then set up a skype session with Julie Tupler, RN to review the Training Program. Then a Training Agreement is signed.

Number of People in EachTraining Program: 6

Schedule of Trainings: Taught three times a year (February, June, October)

Description of 2 Part Training:

8 Week Home study course involves:

  • Teaching the 6 week program to three (3) people with Trainee being one of them. Trainee will be required to see case studies for (1) one hour three (3) times over 6 weeks as well as check in with them weekly to see how they are doing.  There is a training video for each of the three sessions. Case studies must sign a consent before starting. 
  • Watch all five of the Tupler Technique® DVDs and read Together Tummy book. 
  • Memorize the demonstration exam with the excel sheet that goes with it.
  • Report on the progress of case studies on the course site each week as well as take the weekly quiz and then put before and after photos and statistics on site. 


New York City 3 Day Course

  • Sunday: 
    Course starts at 10:00 am and goes until 6:00 pm. 
     PowerPoint Lecture 
    Present case studies (description and before and after statistics and photos)
    Clinic with checking for Diastasis and putting on Diastasis Rehab Splint®, splinting and scar mobilization.
  • Monday:
    Take written exam
    Practice demo exam
    Review written exam
    Participate in Everybelly® Seminar
  • Tuesday:
    Demonstration Exam
    Receive certificate of completion and emblem if Trainee passes both the written and demonstration exam and option for membership.


Training Materials Included in Training Program:

  • Three (3) Lose Your Mummy Tummy DVDs. (One case study watches this before the first session and one case study watches it afterwards.)
  • One (1) each of other DVDs:  Perfect Pushing, Ab Rehab, Say Good-Bye to Your Gut Guys, Belly Button Boogie
  • Three(3) Tupler Technique® Guidebooks
  • One (1) Belly Button Boogie Guidebook
  • One (1) dyna band
  • One (1) Diastometer™
  • One (1) Corrective Connective tissue cream
  •  Six (6) splints (Sizes must be given to Tupler before starting home study)
  • One(1) Coming Contractions CD
  • One(1) set of extenders
  • Handout at Sunday Course in NYC