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This program came about after doing a survey asking clients who bought any of the diastasis rehab packages how they were doing with the program.  What I discovered was that clients were either not starting or finishing the program.  The reasons all boiled down to  one thing. Lack of support.  Closing your diastasis is all about healing your connective tissue. Depending on the severity of your diastasis, it may take longer than 18 weeks to close your diastasis.  That is why it is important to understand that the exercises in the program just PROGRESS over 18 weeks. However, your belly will certainly look much better and your diastasis will be much smaller at the end of 18 weeks.  That is why this program is ongoing so you can stay on it as long as you need to close your diastasis and then keep it closed! I feel  am able to provide the BEST support to you this way.  So, as long as I am alive and in business, I want you to be able to use this program whether you are doing it on your own or working with a Trained Tupler Technique® Professional. 


Once you register for this program you can use it as much or as long as you like to close your diastasis and to keep it closed. When you are working out or doing sporting activities I want you to know what to do so you don't open up your diastasis again. 

Ladies, you can use this program during your pregnancy to keep your diastasis as small as possible to prevent a C-section and also to teach you how to push in labor correctly by using your stregnthened abdominal muscles while relaxing your pelvic floor muscles. This will not method will prevent your diastasis from getting larger and well as prevent issues with your pelvic floor. 

If you are having abdominal surgery, use this program to  prepare for it so you know how to use your abdominal muscles in the recovery process to maintain the integrity of your sutures. 


It is important to take your "before" photos before you start the program. Seeing your belly change will really motivate you to continue to do the program.  Also keep track of what you are doing in your guidebook.  

This support program is a one stop shop. Each week there is a video so you will know what you should be doing. You can do your exercises with me every day!  There are also weekly tips you can read.  There is a weekly blog to connect and communicate with others doing the program. Sharing your experiences with others provides mutual support. I recommend that you reach out and get a Belly Buddy. It works really well having a friend who is doing the same program do it with you.  

Lastly, I do a live monthly webinar to answer all you questions as well as give you updates on the program.  The dates of the webinars are listed on the program site. I can only take up to 150 people on the webinar so you have to RSVP if you want to attend the live webinar.  The webinars are recorded so you can also watch the recording.  


Remember, it is a ONE TIME fee. If you buy the program on its own it is $50. If you buy it as part of any of the Diastasis Rehab Package (excluding the childrens package and the cream and tape package) it is $25. There are no refunds once registered.    

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