15 Days Until Christmas…

Shopping is a very strenuous activity both mentally and physically.  Trying to find the “right” gift and dealing with the crowds can be emotionally draining. When you do find the right gift, carrying the heavy packages can be hard on your body, especially your back. So always remember to hold your transverse in when lifting and carrying those heavy packages.  Also, during these stressful times take a SSB (shopping sit-down break). Take a few belly breaths to first help you relax. Then perhaps take another few minutes to do your “muscle meditation”.  Do one set of 100 of your contracting exercise with your eyes closed. With each contraction visualize the blood flowing to your connective tissue, see your connective tissue becoming shallower and see the muscles coming together.

Doing something for yourself to help with your shopping stress. Don’t let the heavy lifting and manic shopping season distract you from the program!

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