Achieve Diastasis Recti Healing with the Together Tape™: Buy 1-Get 2 in August!

Achieve Diastasis Recti Healing with the Together Tape™: Buy 1-Get 2 in August!

Amazing August Sale

Are you looking for an effective solution to aid in healing Diastasis Recti? Look no further! This August, we're thrilled to offer an exciting opportunity to experience the benefits of our revolutionary Together Tape™. Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace a healthier you with our Buy 1-Get 2 August sale! Don't miss out on this incredible chance to accelerate your Diastasis Recti recovery journey.

What is the Together Tape™?

The Together Tape™ is a powerful tool designed to complement the Diastasis Rehab Splint® for faster Diastasis Recti healing. Its innovative mechanism, inspired by the gentle nature of a Butterfly Band-Aid, works to bring together the muscles and connective tissue for optimal results.

The August Sale - Buy 1-Get 2:

This August, we're spreading the joy of Diastasis Recti healing with our exclusive Buy 1-Get 2 sale! Simply use the discount code GET3TAPES during checkout, and you'll receive two extra tapes for free with your purchase of one. This means more value, more support, and more progress towards a stronger core. Don't miss this unique opportunity to supercharge your healing journey.

How to Use the Together Tape™:

Using the Together Tape™ is easy and efficient. Follow these simple instructions for optimal results:

  1. Peel off the paper backing from the middle piece of the Together Tape™.
  2. Hold each end in your hands and gently stretch the tape before placing it ¼ inch above your belly button.
  3. Smoothly apply the tape over the area with your hand.
  4. Remove the paper backing from the end pieces without stretching them and place them ¼ inch below your belly button.

See here for detailed instructions & a video how to put it on.

Sizing Guidelines:

Achieving the best results requires choosing the right size for your Diastasis Recti. Here's a helpful guide:

  • Small: For Diastasis up to 4 fingers wide (approximately 6 centimeters, if using our Diastometer™).
  • Medium: For Diastasis between 4 and 6 fingers (approximately 6 to 8 centimeters).
  • Large: For Diastasis of 7 fingers (approximately 9 centimeters) or larger.

Other Uses of Together Tape™:

The versatility of the Together Tape™ extends beyond Diastasis Recti healing. It can also aid in mobilizing your C-section scar, providing additional benefits for postpartum recovery.

Important Note:

While we stand by the effectiveness of our Together Tape™, we recommend consulting with your medical professional before use, especially if you have any skin conditions.

Buy The Together Tape™ Now!

Take charge of your Diastasis Recti recovery this August with the incredible Buy 1-Get 2 Together Tape™ sale. Don't miss this chance to accelerate your healing journey and embrace a stronger core. Use the discount code GET3TAPES at checkout and get ready for a remarkable August filled with progress and comfort.

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