You need to know this if you have a muffin top belly | TUPLER TECHNIQUE®

A muffin top, shelf or flap are the words moms use to describe the condition of their lower abdominals after getting a c section. It is caused by the sticking together of the layers of connective tissue as the scar from the incision heals.

If you have a muffin top from your C-section scar you need to do what's called scar mobilization. When you get cut and have a scar the layers of connective tissue stick together.

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Scar mobilization is the unsticking of the layers of connective tissue so they move freely. You can start this process once the scar has healed.

The first thing you can do is put the TogetherTape™ on it. Besides helping to mobilize your scar, you can also use it on your belly as it is beneficial in closing your separated muscles. You can start using it in week 4 of the Tupler Technique® Program.

If you have had a c section you will have a diastasis recti as they cut the connective tissue that joins your outermost muscles to get to your uterus.

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