How Long Does It Take to Close a Diastasis?

It is never too late to close a diastasis on anyone at any time. Closing a diastasis, however, is not an overnight process, but, if you follow the Tupler Technique® program as designed, you will see the healing process beginning within three weeks! The program progresses over 18 weeks, but that doesn’t mean that once the 18 weeks are over, you will be healed of your diastasis. How long it takes to close a diastasis depends on the severity of your diastasis and your commitment to all 4 steps of the program every day. It can take anywhere from 6 weeks to a year or more. It is recommended to take ‘before’ photos of your belly from the front and the side. They will motivate you to stick with the program.

You have to wear the splint until your diastasis is closed.  If you have a severe diastasis it may take anywhere from 6 months to a year or more for it to close. Once your diastasis is closed you can stop wearing the splint. However, you do need to continue the other three steps of the program to “maintain” the results you have gained. Doing the Tupler Technique ® exercises are good for your belly, back and pelvic floor.

You can help nourish your connective tissue to aid it’s healing with our Corrective Connective Tissue Cream (available for purchase here There is now scientific evidence to support that “nutritional” therapy is a key factor in connective tissue repair.

This cream has been specially formulated with very specific nutrients to nourish and heal your connective tissue.  Click here for the chart with all these nutrients, function of each nutrient for connective tissue repair, food source and cream ingredients with these nutrients.