Preparing for Pregnancy: Making Diastasis Smaller with the Tupler Technique®

 You start the program immediately….if not sooner! You want to begin making your diastasis smaller before you get pregnant and then to continue to make it smaller during your pregnancy. It is also important to start preparing your body for your next pregnancy.

 This program can be done “anytime” during your pregnancy and continued all the way to the end of your pregnancy. However, women get the best results the earlier they start.  It can also be started immediately after giving birth. A great time to do the seated exercises is while feeding your baby!

 The goal of this program during pregnancy is not only to make your diastasis smaller but  to train you how to push so that it is then second nature for you when you get to labor. It is impossible to do a new skill when you are in pain! You must therefore practice this new skill and strengthen your abdominal muscles so they are strong enough to push for as long as necessary without getting tired.   When you get to labor  you will then be able to push with your strengthened and splinted abdominal muscles while relaxing your pelvic floor muscles!

 Our evidenced based research showed that during our six week program utilizing the Tupler Technique,® women’s diastasis were getting smaller as their bellies were getting larger! Because of this I contacted Columbia University Program in Physical Therapy. They conducted a study with pregnant women that proved that the women that did the Tupler Technique® during their pregnancy had a smaller diastasis than the control group who did not do this program.

 A  diastasis recti can cause two major problems for you. Separated muscles weaken the support system for the back causing back problems during and after pregnancy. The other problem is the separated muscles weaken the support system for your organs. Lack of support of the uterus puts the cervix out of alignment with the vaginal canal. This will make pushing very difficult during labor.

 The two DVDs I recommend during pregnancy are the Tupler Technique® Perfect Pushing® and the Diastasis Rehab Lose Your Mummy Tummy.®  Both DVDs teach the 4- step Tupler Technique.®  The Tupler Technique® Perfect Pushing® will teach you everything you need to know about pushing and the modifications how to  exercise during pregnancy. The Diastasis Rehab Lose Your Mummy Tummy® will teach you the fundamentals for incorporating the Tupler Technique® into an exercise routine and then show you a routine demonstrating how to do this.

 If you know you will be having a c-section, I also recommend the The Tupler Technique® Ab Rehab® DVD. This DVD will help you prepare for and recover from abdominal surgery.


If you want to learn more about making your diastasis smaller with the Tupler Technique®, please click on the link HERE for a free copy of my Tupler Tips.

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