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“A back-lying position with the legs in the air is also a challenging position. Gravity makes it hard to hold the transverse in when on your back with the legs not in the air. That is why the Tupler Technique® strengthens the transverse in a seated position first for three weeks before head lifts are started. That way you have transverse strength and the awareness of how to use it in a position where gravity makes it hard to engage.”

– Together Tummy

For those that buy the Together Tummy book have a lifetime membership to Julie’s new book club. It is a private Facebook page. People have been asking for years to have one place where everyone doing the Tupler Technique® can connect. So, we’re excited that this is the place where people can get support and give support to people doing the Tupler Technique and Julie will be doing a free webinar every other month to answer.

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