Listen to Julie Tupler on the ROI Podcast hosted by Brandt Handley

I was recently a guest on a podcast “INTO THE CORNER OFFICE” hosted by Brandt Handley and produced by Resource Options International, Inc. (ROI).  ROI is a boutique, retained executive search, coaching, and organizational development firm. They assist middle-market companies or those with annual sales between $10 million and $1 billion to recognize, recruit, and retain top talent at the CXO, VP, and Director levels.

In this episode, I begin by sharing how my business is able to survive and flourish during the pandemic.  I also talk a little bit about my roots and how this has helped me prepare to be in my current business.

As I said in the podcast, I am in the ‘better belly” business, You can only have a better belly or a strong core when your abdominal muscles are close together. 

Wanted to share this podcast called "Julie Tupler RN, President & Founder, Diastasis Rehab ROI Podcast Episode 129"

My goal is that Everybelly® should be checked for a diastasis recti as part of any medical or fitness evaluation.  That is because most people have this condition and just don’t know it!

I promise you that not only will it be entertaining but will leave you better informed.

To learn more about Diastasis Recti & the Tupler Technique® read this article: DIASTASIS RECTI RESEARCH AND EVIDENCED BASED EXERCISE PROGRAM

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Watch the short video below to know what a diastasis is.