Organ Mobilization

For organ mobilization, there is a specific technique called visceral manipulation based on the work of Jean Pierre-Barral. One of my Licensees, Jill Hoefs, MPT, owner of Body Align Physical Therapy, does both scar and organ mobilization. You can visit her website here: .

Jill states, “The healing of diastasis recti can potentially be affected by the body’s connective tissue around and inside the abdominal wall. Trauma or inflammation causes restrictions in the connective tissue around the body’s organs that push and pull on the abdominal wall, and thus on the diastasis from the inside. The ‘pulling’ of tissue can sometimes be felt when trying to engage the deep abdominal muscles and may also make it difficult to engage the muscles fully due to a decline in signals sent to the brain. The restrictions can also contribute to symptoms common with diastasis recti such as bloating, constipation, back pain and decreased blood flow. The goal of organ mobilization is to reduce the restrictions. It is a gentle, specific manual therapy, generally provided by a physical therapist trained in this method, to encourage mobility and restore the body’s normal physiologic motion and function. When your organs are moving correctly, they will function better and allow better healing of your diastasis.”