Post Tummy Tuck… Would the Tupler Technique® exercises be appropriate?

The ideal scenario would be to do the Tupler Technique® before having surgery! Strengthening your transverse muscle and learning how to use this muscle correctly in the recovery process will prevent intra-abdominal force on the sutures. This force can weaken the sutures and cause them to come apart.   The Tupler Technique®Ab Rehab was created for this purpose.

If you have not done the Tupler Technique® before your surgery, then you should  learn this program as soon as you can after your surgery to “maintain” the surgery.  You use your abdominal muscles with everything you do.  If you do not engage your abdominal muscles when doing activities of daily living such as standing up and sitting down from a chair, you are putting the force of your body weight on the sutures.  If you continuously   put this force on the sutures, they will come apart!

If you have had your diastasis recti repaired, you will not need to wear the Diastasis Rehab Splint®. You will only need to do the other three steps of the program.  You can watch the Diastasis Rehab Lose Your Mummy Tummy® if you are a woman and the Diastasis Rehab Say Good Bye to Your Gut Guys® if you are a man.