Questions & Answers about the Tupler Technique® Program During Pregnancy

1. Is it safe to splint during pregnancy with only a small diastasis recti?  And can the splint be worn during labor?
Yes, it is safe to wear a splint during pregnancy whether you have a small or large diastasis. If you do all 4 steps of the program you can make your diastasis smaller during your pregnancy.  Some pregnant women love wearing a splint. Others do not want to wear anything the least bit binding.  If you are one of those women who do not like to wear anything, I recommend that you “hold” a splint (scarf or arms of your sweater) while doing the seated and back lying exercise. Also to “hold” a splint while pushing in labor.  Please watch the video on the Perfect Pushing  page on my website that talks about why it is important to splint the muscles while pushing. The splint can also be worn during labor.

Does the program help women who choose an epidural
Yes.  Many of my clients where able to push effectively with an epidural.  If you practice pushing as taught on my Perfect Pushing DVD, you will have both the strength and body awareness to push in labor.  You simply close your eyes and visualize the abdominal muscles going back and the pelvic floor muscles opening and relaxing.  Your body has “muscle memory” and will know how to do this especially if you practice this everyday when you go to the bathroom!

3. How do I choose the correct size for a pregnancy splint?  I am about 28 weeks currently but will still be growing.
You need  to measure what you are now and get one size larger. Then you put a hem in the arms of the splint to make it small enough to fit you now. As you get bigger you make the arms longer by taking out the hem. 

4. Am I correct in assuming I will need a different post-partum splint size?  If so, is it best to wait to purchase a splint until after pregnancy?
After wearing it your whole pregnancy, you may want to get a new one after your pregnancy. If you find you do not like wearing a splint during pregnancy then you will have it for after the pregnancy. It takes six weeks for the uterus to go back to its normal size so if you are buying one size larger it should fit you.  The ability to make the arms shorter  gives you lots of flexibility.
Many of my pregnant ladies like wearing it over the Be Maternity Be Band. It seems to stay in place better.