Preparing for Pregnancy: How a Splint Can Make a Difference in Diastasis and Labor

Yes with a capital Y. 

Wearing or holding a splint during labor and bringing the separated muscles close together will make a huge difference in labor First of all when you bring the muscles close together you can feel them working better so you will be able to push much more effectively.


Also, bringing the muscles close together keeps the uterus in the right position. Upright. When the muscles separate and it is now the weak connective tissue supporting the uterus, the top of the uterus will tilt forward. When this happens, the cervix will now be facing sideways. A sideways facing the cervix put's a pregnant woman at risk for a c section.

The cervix needs to be facing downwards and lined up with the vaginal canal to give your baby direct access out of your body. It is also important for a pregnant woman to learn how to push during pregnancy so it is second nature when she gets to labor.

I teach how to push in labor in my Perfect Pushing video which can now be streamed. A link to that page is shown below. To learn more about how to make a diastasis smaller please click on the link HERE for a free copy of my Tupler Tips.

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