Closing Diastasis Recti: Healing Connective Tissue and Diastasis-Safe Workouts

The Importance of Healing Connective Tissue

To successfully close a diastasis recti, it's crucial to prioritize the healing process of the weakened connective tissue. The strength of the connective tissue determines its ability to hold the muscles in a close together position. By focusing on healing the connective tissue, you can achieve long-lasting results in closing your diastasis recti.

Avoid Exercises that Worsen Diastasis

It's important to steer clear of certain exercises that can worsen your diastasis recti. Exercises such as crunches, roll ups and roll backs, and abdominal facing down movements put unnecessary stress on the connective tissue, hindering the healing process. By avoiding these exercises, you can prevent further damage and promote optimal healing of the weakened connective tissue.

The Tupler Technique® Program: Strengthening and Healing

The Tupler Technique® Program is designed to strengthen and develop transverse muscle strength and awareness during the initial six weeks. This phase focuses on preparing the body for a diastasis-safe workout. By prioritizing the development of the transverse muscle, you lay the foundation for effective healing and closing of the diastasis recti.

Transitioning to a Diastasis-Safe Workout

After the initial six weeks, the Tupler Technique® Program introduces a diastasis-safe workout approach. This workout is carefully designed to avoid exercises that stretch the weakened connective tissue. Instead, it emphasizes engaging the transverse muscle with every repetition, promoting proper healing and strengthening of the core muscles.

Conclusion: Achieve Optimal Results

Closing a diastasis recti requires a strategic approach that focuses on healing the weakened connective tissue. By avoiding exercises that worsen the condition and following the Tupler Technique® Program, you can achieve optimal results in closing your diastasis recti. Prioritize the health of your connective tissue and strengthen your core for a stronger, healthier you.

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