Exercising during pregnancy is a sensitive topic for health-conscious moms.  Exercising during your pregnancy can improve your health, reduce the risk back pain and lowers the chances of gaining too much weight, and it may help to make your delivery easier. But before you do any exercise make sure you do the right kind of exercise at the right stage of pregnancy.

In this article, I will give you some tips on the exercises to avoid during your pregnancy.


Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy

The exercises you should avoid during pregnancy boil down to one word… positional. The positions that are not good to exercise during pregnancy are motionless standing and back lying which may cause you to become lightheaded and dizzy.


Also exercising in a downward-facing abdominal position or hands and knees position puts all the weight of your organs on your weak connective tissue and can make your diastasis larger.


Also, since your pregnant body is unstable do not do any exercises or activities that put you at risk for falling or risk of injury. An example is doing back lying exercises on a stabilization ball. Very dangerous.


So, let me repeat myself...Do not do ANY exercises that put you at risk for falling. If you do fall, protect your belly. Fall on your side or buttocks. Make sure when doing aerobic exercises that you are able to carry on a conversation and drink plenty of water so you don’t get overheated.


If you want to learn more about making your diastasis smaller with the Tupler Technique, click on the link below to get a free copy of the Tupler Tips. I also go into more detail about exercises to avoid as well as a diastasis safe workout in my Together Tummy Book which you can get on my website (see the link to the page here) or on Amazon.



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