Cross-Fit Instructor Shares Best Tips On How She Closed Her Diastasis

 KC's Before & After Pics


KC was a very fit person—a cross-fit instructor with two kids. She noticed that after her 2nd pregnancy, something had definitely changed in her midsection. Her belly looked different. When she would get up from a lying position or do sit-ups, she noticed the “mound” over her belly and knew something was awry. She had a separation of her abs, which she had heard about from her friend in another state. She was very active and did cross-fit training four to five times a week.

KC could see that when she did her workouts…GULP—with sit-ups—out came the mound, which was an organ protrusion emanating from her midsection. After coming to Bonnie, she became diligent with following the program: seated Tuplers; avoiding certain movements; good body mechanics of getting up and down correctly; and consistent with SPLINTING. Her stats below were after just TWO and a half weeks!








28 ½



2.5 shallow  

3 deep

2 shallow


Week 3





.75 very shallow

2 shallow

1.25 shallow



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Watch the short video below to know what a diastasis is.



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