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Together Tummy™ Video

Together Tummy™ Video

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The Together Tummy Video - Diastasis Rehabilitation Guide

The Together Tummy Video - Your Comprehensive Guide to Diastasis Rehabilitation

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Product Description

The Together Tummy video is a holistic and informative journey designed to guide you through every aspect of diastasis rehabilitation using the renowned Tupler Technique®. This video is thoughtfully organized into easily accessible chapters, allowing you to tailor your viewing experience and focus on specific aspects of your diastasis rehabilitation journey with unparalleled ease.

Embark on this empowering experience, embracing a comprehensive guide to diastasis rehabilitation with the Together Tummy video. Strengthen your core, improve your overall well-being, and rediscover the confidence that comes with a healthy, well-supported body.

Chapter Overview

  • Chapter 1: About Diastasis (Side Effects & Causes of Diastasis)
  • Chapter 2: Summary of Tupler Technique®
  • Chapter 3: Checking for Diastasis with Fingers
  • Chapter 4: Checking for Diastasis with Diastometer
  • Chapter 5: Splinting Your Separated Muscles
  • Chapter 6: Instructions for Putting on the Splint
  • Chapter 7: Posture
  • Chapter 8: Belly Breathing
  • Chapter 9: Transverse Muscle
  • Chapter 10: Seated Exercises (Elevator and Contracting)
  • Chapter 11: Summary of Exercises Weeks 1 to 3
  • Chapter 12: Week 4 Exercises
  • Chapter 13: Headlifts
  • Chapter 14: Together Tape and Corrective Connective Tissue Cream
  • Chapter 15: Summary of Diastasis Safe Workout (5 Ps Please)
  • Chapter 16: Diastasis Safe Workout
  • Chapter 17: Maintenance of Program
  • Chapter 18: Nutrition
  • Chapter 19: Children and Diastasis
  • Chapter 20: Preparing for Labor with the Tupler Technique®
  • Chapter 21: Tupler Technique® Before and After Abdominal Surgery
  • Chapter 22: Conclusion & Last Words by Julie Tupler