Diastasis Safe Modifications for Sports.

The goal of the Tupler Technique® is to heal the weakened connective tissue that joins your outermost abdominal muscles.  As the connective tissue becomes stronger and shallower the muscles gradually come together.

The program progresses over 18 weeks.

During the first six weeks we recommend only cardio exercise such as walking, treadmill, stationary bike, and the elliptical machine. No running, weights or exercise classes. It is important to be belly breathing while doing cardio exercise. During this time, it is important to allow the connective tissue to heal while strengthening and learning how to use the transverse abdominal muscle during activities of daily living.


In week #6, you are taught how to incorporate the Tupler Technique® into an exercise routine that is “diastasis safe” and how to modify the routine to maintain the gains you have made with closing the diastasis.


Sports, such as tennis and golf, can cause a diastasis recti or make an existing diastasis worse.

If you play these sports, you need to make sure you:

  • Do not do the forward crossover movement. Use your whole upper body.
  • Engage your transverse.
  • Keep your ribs in as you do your swing. Flaring the ribs stretches the connective tissue.
  • Check your diastasis before and after the game and to make sure you are not opening your diastasis back up again.
  • Wear a splint while playing to remind yourself to hold your transverse in.
  • When participating in sporting activities, if you still have a diastasis, make sure you stay away from abdominal facing down positions.
  • Always remember not to arch your back when doing any sports as this will flare your ribs and stretch your connective tissue.

If you have any additional questions, especially about modifying your exercise/sports routine to be diastasis safe let us know at info@diastasisrehab.com


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