Prolapses And the Tupler Technique®

If you have any type of prolapses you can wear the splint and do the exercises  if you do not feel any pressure in your pelvic floor. If you do feel pressure, then just “hold” splint when doing the seated or back lying exercises. You can  put your hand on your pelvic floor to test for this pressure.  If you feel movement into your hand that is an indication of this pressure.

If you are wearing the splint, make sure you are lying down when you put it on and that you do not put it on too tight. Also make sure when you do the exercises that you do the following:

1. Count out loud. Holding your breath puts pressure on both the pelvic floor and weak connective tissue joining the abdominal muscles.

2. Engage both the abdominal and the pelvic floor muscles at the same time when doing the seated and back lying exercises unless you have issues with your pelvic floor being too tight.

3. Decrease the repetitions of the seated contracting exercise repetitions when doing the contracting exercises from 100 to 25 or less.

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