Men, are you ready to heal?    Men, are you ready to heal?

Diastasis recti does not only affect women – far from it. However, most men would quickly say that when it comes to the "abs", a separated six-pack is the "gold standard." Yet, what many guys may not realize is that not only can such an effect be difficult to attain, this separation of the abdominal muscles is really the precursor to a problematic diastasis recti.

A diastasis does not become a problem until the connective tissue becomes weakened. The connective tissue can be weakened from previous abdominal surgeries, taking part in sports with a cross-over movement (i.e. tennis, golf), doing crunches, and getting a "guy gut". Once the connective tissue has been weakened, men are prone to suffering from the same problems (bad back, poor posture, gastro intestinal issues) as women.

Generally speaking, the healing time for men is faster than for women because their connective tissue is stronger. This is because it has not been affected by the relaxin that impacts women's connective tissue during pregnancy. However, males who have used steroid injections will suffer from weaker connective tissue.

The good news is that the Tupler Technique® will give you a more challenging workout than you ever had before; and it will also give you toned abs, a strong support system for your back, a smaller waist and a healthier prostate.

Click here to read the article "Diastasis Recti in Men: Possible Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Tips" from the Doctors Health Press about treating men with DR using the Tupler Technique®.





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